The Kano State Government has urged the Governor-elect Abba Yusuf to be patient and avoid making official pronouncements until he is sworn in.

In a statement released on Friday, the Commissioner for Information and Internal Affairs Malam Muhammad Garba cautioned the governor-elect against causing confusion in the state by jumping the gun.

He emphasized that Governor Abdullahi Ganduje remains the governor until May 29 and has the right to carry out his functions in the public interest.

“Until he subscribes to the oath of office as governor on May 29, he remains what he is – a governor-elect –  and does not have the powers of the governor,” Garba said in the statement. “No governor-elect has the constitutional or legal powers to determine the direction of a state until he is sworn in.”


Garba also addressed the governors-elect’s recent directive warning individuals, groups, and organizations undertaking construction on public places to keep off.

He stated that the governor-elect’s action amounted to issuing directives on a matter affecting government laid down policy while the incumbent was yet to run his full term.

“The advisory issued by the governor-elect has generated a lot of tension in the state and we advise him to desist from such in order to avoid causing confusion,” Garba added.

The Commissioner also called on individuals and organizations who acquired land after following due process and procedures not to be threatened by the governor-elect’s directive.

He explained that land allocation in public places has been undertaken by every government including the previous administration in which the governor-elect served.